Graphic Design That Hits The Spot

Graphic design
that hits the spot.

Need a fresh-looking logo for your business? Marketing materials that convey the unique flavor of your company? Maybe your business could spice up its web presence?

Your corporate graphic identity influences customer perceptions enormously. Visual consistency reinforces consumer awareness of your brand. Well-designed and executed promotions set you apart from the competition. An attractive, well-organized web site improves your credibility in the marketplace. And the investment required to develop a compelling graphic image is minimal compared to the satisfying returns.

I’m Kathy Davis, and Kathy, Ink! is my studio. A graphic designer with more than fifteen years of experience, I’ve helped customers of all sizes develop effective promotional materials of all kinds, and I can do the same for you.

Located in Mooresville, NC, I am just a phone call away. Let's talk.


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